About us

RotorFox Productions is an independent digital media company specializing in aerial photography and videography. It offers dynamic FPV (First person view) footage from custom-built drones, as well as many forms of photography, videography, inspection and data collection.

The Founder's

Alex Karachok

Co-Founder of RotorFox Productions

5 years operating drones

6 years editing photos and videos

Licensed drone operator

16 years old

Alex Karachok is a 16 year old entrepreneur living in Oakville, ON. He has had a love for photography and video ever since he got his first mini camera at 6 years old, and his first toy drone at 10. Since then, he has acquired several other cameras and drones which, in his early teens, he used to produce several promotional videos for campsites and other establishments.

He also co-edited Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing, a textbook about environmental applications for aerial and geospatial technologies.

Daniel Rego

Co-Founder of RotorFox Productions

4 years operating businesses

Licensed drone operator

15 years old

For a young man Daniel is an entrepreneur with an acute business mindset. He is a passionate individual and has turned many of his hobbies into various business ventures. No challenge is too big for Daniel, he is ever ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done

Daniel is also an experienced drone pilot who has contributed to the creation of numerous promotional videos for various businesses. Video's that not only feature unmatched visuals but videos that will help elevate businesses of all sizes!

Meet the drones

Drone: Custom 5" FPV Drone

Properties: Fast, Durable, Short flight times

Uses: Outdoor cinematic shots


Photo Resolution: 4k30, 1440p60, 1080p90

Photo Resolution: N/A

Flight time: 5 minutes

Range: 1km+

Features: Can travel 150km/h+, ultra-durable and easy to repair

Drone: Custom 3" FPV Drone (Cinewhoop)

Properties: Quick, Stable, Safe

Uses: Smooth outdoor shots and Safe indoor tours


Video Resolution: 4k30, 1440p60, 1080p90

Photo Resolution: N/A

Flight time: 5 minutes

Range: 500m+

Features: Sturdy, protective frame allows for safe indoor shots

Drone: DJI Mavic Air 2S

Properties: High quality video, Long flight time, Complex applications

Uses: Cinematic video, Aerial stills, Inspection, Photogrammetry


Video Resolution: 5k30, 4k60, 1080p120

Photo Resolution: 20MP

Flight time: 31 minutes

Range: 10km

Features: 3 axis gimbal, front, down, upwards and backwards facing sensors allow for safe, versatile operation

Drone: DJI Spark

Properties: Stabilized camera, Easy to use

Uses: Cinematic video, aerial stills and backup for the DJI Air 2S


Video Resolution: 1080p30

Photo Resolution: 12MP

Flight time: 12 minutes

Range: 1km+

Features: 2-axis gimbal, front and down-facing sensors allow for safe, versatile operation

Drone: Happymodel Mobula 6HD

Properties: HD Camera, Incredibly tiny (27g)

Uses: Social media, Low-resolution applications


Video Resolution: 1080p30

Photo Resolution: N/A

Flight time: 3 minutes

Range: 100m

Features: 65mm frame, one of the smallest HD drones in the world

Other equipment

Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket

Properties: Compact, Stabilized, Versatile

Uses: Smooth, cinematic video


Video Resolution: 4k60

Photo Resolution: 12MP

Features: Feature-packed 3-axis gimbal with intelligent tracking and video modes

Camera: Canon Rebel T2i

Properties: Portable, Effective, High-quality images

Uses: High-Quality Still Photos


Video Resolution: 1080p30

Photo Resolution: 18MP

Features: Compact DSLR Platform with large sensor and high-definition images