Refund Policy

All products and services are non-refundable after the time of purchasing but we will be more than happy to give/schedule a corrective product/service free of charge (1 times).

The corrective product/service must be provided due to a mistake from RotorFox Productions, after the final service/product has been presented. You will have 48 hours to contact RotorFox Productions to receive a complimentary product/service to adjust any dissatisfaction. Corrective products/services will not be provided 48 hours past the final product/service presentation date.

Laws & Safety

We are very strict on following federal drone laws, and some operations may not be possible. If this is the case, we can either work through options together, or we can work through it independently - please note that some solutions may require a small fee.

Our drones are very safe, and will not harm anyone if flown responsibly. Our designated indoor drones are lightweight and have propeller guards to prevent injury and damage. Additionally, extensive checks on all drones will be made before and after operations to ensure everything is working properly.

For more information, please feel free to contact us